DOLLHOUSE: The Eradication of Female Subjectivity from American Popular Culture – MOVIE REVIEW

The main characters in this film are all played out by dolls who tell the rise and fall story of child superstar Junie Spoon whose life begins to spiral out of control. A story told by the ones who really knew her the best and finally unravel what went wrong for the child pop star who rose to fame overnight.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This story of this film is definitely different to anything we’ve encountered before as unlike previous productions, this one’s characters are all played out by doll toys set in a fictional world which explores the “misogynist ideas behind celebrity pop culture in the modern-day world”.The dolls tell the downfall story of fictional pop star Junie Spoons as her life soon becomes uncontrollable and threatens her career. Now, I do have to say that the film is not for younger audiences at all as throughout Junie’s life she is involved in various sex scandals as well as bank heists, kidnappings and other references of abuse. There isn’t much to comment on about the story of the movie cinematically as its shot in a documentary style show and the life of Junie Spoons being the main focus throughout. However, for me, this kind of genre isn’t really my cup of tea if you will. I understand that the producers were trying an unusual concept to be different than the typical blockbusters we have nowadays but in my own personal opinion, I don’t think that the doll characters really work as well as it was planned out to be and perhaps might have been more enjoyable if they were real human actors included.

Dollhouse: The Eradication of Female Subjectivity from American ...

Towards the end, it does seem to get a bit more interesting as we begin meeting new characters and get a clear picture of what actually happened to the protagonist, Junie Spoons. The film also attempts to achieve a twist ending which I kind of appreciate and honestly didn’t see coming which made it a tad more entertaining. Along with that though, at the very end, it seems to get more strange and confused about why some parts actually happen.

As mentioned before, the cinematography is a disturbingly shot film with an unusual concept which most of us probably haven’t seen before and in some cases are quite rare in the movie industry. On the other hand, though, it is exciting to see something different for a change and in some parts of the film, I did get stuck in and enjoyed as its something completely separate to anything we’re used to so I do admire the producer’s unique creativity and originality which they have implemented on the movie. So its quite easy to understand why they have won the awards for best narrative and the Slamdance award.

Dollhouse (2018) Review - Independent Film Reviews by Cultural Hater

As mentioned before, the cinematography is a disturbingly shot film with an unusual concept which most of us probably haven’t seen before and in some cases are quite rare in the movie industry. I believe that a lot of people may agree that this film does deserve a mature rating for their use of extreme sex, abuse, drug and criminal references used all the way through which is highly not meant for the younger generation and plus adults will most likely have a more clear understanding of what the overall story is about. I really don’t want to be mean at all but the comedy wasn’t enjoyable for me but I appreciate their attempts at humour throughout as some people will definitely get its unusual type of comedy but for me, it isn’t to me liking, unfortunately.

Now let’s talk about some of the positive messages the films trying to end out. I love movies like these where they’re trying tor each out to the audience but giving them a message about a certain topic affecting today’s society and showing them what its really for the affected people. DOLLHOUSE shows us perfect examples of how our modern-day society treats women, especially in the celebrity field. It shows us what happens when they try to speak up and how they are treated as objects and focuses us to change our ways and speak up ourselves for equality for all.

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