Is Cineworld Unlimited Worth It?

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease slowly here in the UK, we can finally see a lot of our favourite leisure activities reopening, such as cinemas, after months of closure. So as cinemas across the country begin to open their doors back open to the public we can finally get back to watching all the new releases this year on the big screen. One of these cinema chains reopening is, of course, the cinema giant Cineworld. Eventually, you might be thinking of purchasing one of their Unlimited memberships to enjoy endless amounts of cinema each month. But is it really worth it for the avid cinema-goer or is it mainly for the die-hard fans of the silver screen?

Cineworld is one of the largest cinema chains here in the UK and the second-largest in the world with thousands of theatres across the globe. Their professionalism, outstanding customer service and luxury venues have definitely put them at the top of their game and expanding their cinema empire all the time. There are many positives I could say about this pioneer in the cinema industry but the key points I will mention are that they are constantly upgrading and improving their cinema experience with their additions of ViP, 4DX and their newest addition ScreenX, which is a 270° screen that really puts you in the middle of the action. Also, from my own personal experience with Cineworld Unlimited, I can happily say that they have been excellent in offering the best customer support which I will soon explain.

Cineworld Unlimited | Queens Link Aberdeen

So let’s start off with probably the most important feature of the Unlimited membership, the many exclusive discounts of course. Now, these exclusive discount benefits are definitely worth the price just by themself. At first, the 10% discount might not sound like a huge percentage but over time you will be surprised by the amount of money saved just from buying snacks. Trust me, from my own experience it’s surprising how much we spend on popcorn, drinks and other snacks. However, your cinema experience doesn’t stop there as your Unlimited membership also allows you to take your benefits outside the cinema as you will receive discounts to local restaurants for a post-cinema meal to finish off the evening. Starting at a 25% discount for partnered restaurants. In the UK, members can enjoy this discount at Bella Italia, Las Iguanas, Cafe Rouge, YO! Sushi and Belgo.


To be honest, your Unlimited card is more powerful than you think which is why it is definitely worth it if you’re an avid cinema-goer. No no, your benefits don’t just stop here as you’ll also be gifted with some local benefits depending on your location. For example, in the Sheffield area, your membership can get you discounts at Hollywood Bowl, TeamSport Go Karting, UK Paintball and many more that awaits. Now coming back to the cinema, something I did forget to mention earlier is that as well as getting free entry into any 2D movie for an endless amount of times a month, you also get huge discounts when you book any of the exclusive screens such as 3D, 4DX, ViP and ScreenX.

Many people will have their own opinions on the customer service at Cineworld but during my time with them, they have not been too bad at all. Each month they send out a monthly newsletter for all Cineworld Unlimited members explaining what new movies are coming that month, if any advance screenings are available plus more news and information from the movie world. During the lockdown period where all venues across the world were closed, Cineworld still made the effort to send out their monthly newsletter filled with updates on their opening times plus many movie activities to do at all such as a 30 day movie challenge (sadly I did not attempt it). Plus, when you have successfully had your membership for one whole year then Cineworld will upgrade you to their black card at no extra cost and at that point you will be able to see 3D movies free of charge for unlimited amounts at a time.

Cineworld in Wembley | London Designer Outlet

So overall I do highly recommend the Unlimited membership as I do believe it is worth its money. However, this isn’t really for someone who doesn’t regularly visit the cinema each week as the price can be expensive if you don’t really need it that much. But for the avid movie enthusiast who regularly visits the movies at least once a week then its defiantly for you as all its benefits combined will raise your movie experience to the next level.

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