Greyhound – MOVIE REVIEW

U.S Navy Commander Ernest Krause is tasked with leading an Allied ship convoy across the Atlantic ocean during the Second World War with his ship, Greyhound. However, the mission goes sideways when the convoy is attacked by German U-boats. Krause then embarks on the biggest and longest Navy battle in history which was then known as The Battle of the Atlantic.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Tom Hanks’ newly released Greyhound goes hand in hand with one of the best-told war stories ever to be created. But what you might not realise is that it isn’t based off a true story but however, a book adaptation from C S Foster’s 1942 novel The Good Shepherd but does use inspiration from a real historical event known as The Battle of the Atlantic. This story plays homage to the very real Battle between the Allied ships and German U-boats back in the Second World War which was forever known as the most complex naval fight to take place throughout history which for the many soldiers out there at sea lasted a lifetime.

Of course with films like these you’ve got to make sure you’re telling it in the best way possible. I would probably go far to say that Greyhound tells its story better than past war films like 1917 or Hacksaw Ridge as it employs a direct approach which has turned out to work in its favour for these kind of films. For some viewers, they could get lost at the beginning as it does start quite fast and puts you straight into the life of Greyhound Commander Ernest Krause. If you think about it though, from watching the movie it couldn’t have begun in a better way as it removes all the long build-up which most movies usually have and instead puts you in the middle of the hectic life on the USS Keeling Navy ship. For me, all movies should start like this note just war movies as it adds the realism aspect to the overall atmosphere.

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The first person narrative of the film also adds to the dramatic setting as not only does it focus on our main character but gives us an insight into Krause’s mind with various flashbacks shown at different points giving us a glimpse into the commander’s personal life back home. These scenes are effective but in their own way as when Krause is in battle at some points a flashback appears showing his life back home which really implies that he’s remembering his loved ones back home to give him strength going into war which is a sweet gesture to add in through the harsh world he has entered. Especially when its his first ever mission commanding a U.S Navy warship. On the other hand, it would have been nice to see more of his personal life back home develop more even if its just a scene or two at the beginning or end giving it a more personal touch to the film and showing what he went through during this period.

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People with an Apple TV subscription haven’t really been given any major titles being added onto its library as of yet but with Greyhound’s release, we finally have been given a thrilling cinematic masterpiece onto its library which following the release could potentially but Apple TV on the map with the other huge streaming competitors out there. There is only one word to sum up this masterpiece which has to be ACTION. From start to finish you’ll feel like your there on the ship with them with constantly intense action all the way through whether its in the form warship battles or soldiers shouting commands every second there’s always something happening at every moment.

Now when it comes to the cinematography of the film, I am beyond speechless. Of course it doesn’t have the kind of special effects you would find in sci-fi movies but in this place that doesn’t apply and I would be confident in saying that this could be in the run for an Academy Award. The historical setting played out exceptionally and captured the brutal realism of Navy war during World War II. Its not just the action which gave us that edge on the seat feeling but more about how it was delivered as the cinematic scenes were shot outstandingly and defiently gave it a more dramatic approach.

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To be honest, with the amount of talent Tom Hanks’ with the ability to adapt to each and every role smoothly through all of his productions it was no question that he would make a fantastic film writer with his experience. He was perfect for the job. I was surprised to see Stephen Graham in there but he fit quite well into his role alongside Tom Hanks. We can’t forget about the rest of the cast who all played their roles excellently and clearly showed what being a solider on a naval ship was like back in the war.

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The ending was truly a perfect hero’s ending which couldn’t have gone better which showed Krause finally resting in his cabin after successfully leading his ship and the convoy to England. These are just some of the reasons why this movie commemorates the lives and stories of our World War II heroes which shows the light and dark side to war. Another reason is that I believe that this movie demonstrates what we can do if we put our minds to the task no matter who we are or how much experience we have at it.


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