How To Turn Your Room Into A Home Cinema!

Its probably one of everyone’s dream. To have their own home cinema in their house but unfortunately, most of us don’t have space and equipment to be able to do so. But however, there is no need to worry as we have some tips and tricks for you to help you turn your room into your own home cinema to give it an authentic feel. Please note we won’t be explaining how to setup a home cinema including any technical equipment but more about different tricks you can do to your room to make it seem like your in your very own cinema.

Turn Or Dim The Lights Off

4K Home Cinema Room Time-Lapse - YouTube

Now to many people this will probably be an obvious routine when settling down for the night and watching a movie. However, you’ll probably be surprised by how many people sometimes still do this. As we all know in a cinema screening, they always dim the lights to the lowest they can go which is essential for many reasons. When the movie is finally on, the screen will be more easier to see as the only light coming from the room will be from the movie. So to create that realistic cinema setting that we are all used to, then this is a must in any case. Additionally, you could keep some lights on, such as spotlights, as the next tip will help darken the room as well dimming the lights.



Pick A Room With A Dark Colour Tone

Cinemas - HOME

At first, this may seem strange but there is actually some genius behind it so let us explain. At cinemas, you’ll most likely see that inside their theatres the colours around the room are dark either being black, dark red or another choice. The reason being is that it makes the room look even darker when the lights finally go out. So you could say this tip ties in with the first one as you will only see the effects once you dim your lighting. You may have to be careful doing this one on a warm day, however, as if the weather outside is still warm then it increases the temperature in your room due to the dark colours absorbing the heat.



Pick Out A Movie You Haven’t Watched

The Call of the Wild Review - IGN

The main reason we go to the cinema is mainly because we want to go a see a new upcoming release. I know that we don’t have the same freedom watching movies as we used to because of cinemas closing their doors but what you may not release is that some production companies have released their movies digitally straight away this year without going to the cinema first to combat the lockdown. So to make the most of your cinema night, why not pick out a new release you havent seen yet. Of course you don’t have to follow this trick and you can watch any of your favourite movies you desire but we thought we’d include it anyway as we think it makes your cinema night the most authentic.



Pick A Room With The Biggest Screen

Ultimate Home Cinema | HiFi Cinema, Berkshire, UK

So if your household is like mine where you have a larger TV in the living room used by the whole family and another smaller TV in the bedroom then you may want to consider this option. If you can, you might want to choose the room with the larger TV just so that you have the best possible screen whilst watching your chosen movie. Not only will this give you a better picture but also has some technical advantages. Overtime, the technology used to make movies have gotten better therefore meaning that if you watch the film on an older smaller TV then the picture may look pixelated at times and not as good to what you are used to. So this is why it’s best to use your most modern and larger TV you can so that it fits the films viewing requirements.



Speakers – Optional

Sound,electronics,woofer,speakers,audio - free image from

I understand that not all of you may have the necessary equipment for this task but I thought I’d leave it here anyway as an idea to what you could do. One important aspect of films is the sound and to create a more realistic cinema experience at home then you might want to look into upgrading your sound system. This could be done by acquiring some external speakers for your TV. I wouldn’t recommend getting anything which will downgrade the sound on your TV already obviously. If you are willing to spend a little more money then you could look into buying yourself a proper set of speakers to further enhance you sound system.



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