Sky Cinema or Virgin Movies?

What’s better, Sky Cinema or Virgin Movies? That’s the question we are going to try and debate today. Both services offer a wide variety of on-demand movies at your fingertips waiting for you to indulge in already free of charge. However, both also have their own perks and benefits if you decide to go with them. To make it easier, here’s a list of all the benefits for each service which we think will make the avid movie goer happy. Other factors including price and connection will also be discussed as we think these are also important in the modern-day era.

Firstly, let’s compare the benefits of each service so that we know what different perks will be available to us if we decide to go for either of these options.

Sky Cinema

  • Only offers an average of 63Mbps on their Fibre Max broadband but being realistic that is still a strong connection for an everyday house streaming and downloading. However, on paper Virgin Media clearly wins.
  • Comparing the latest set-top boxes (the main box which all your streaming takes place), the Sky Q box only comes with the basic package and no upfront adding meaning that you would have to dig back in your wallet for any other TV/Movie packages.
  • What’s great about Sky Q is the 2TB model meaning that you can upgrade your box to have another 1TB of storage so you can record double the amount you watch.
  • If you are a movie-loving family then you are probably thinking about having multiple boxes setup. However, be careful doing this with Sky as they charge extra for each box you have. So if you are with Sky and are thinking with this then it’s probably best to invest in NowTV or another streaming service for the other TV’s in your house.
  • It’s collection has over 1000 movies ready for you to watch.
  • A new premier is added everyday on its collection with the latest blockbusters
  • When Christmas time comes, a new blockbuster premier is added everyday up to Christmas Day.
  • Sky Cinema charges you monthly based on the package you have built specifically for you.
  • Always releasing new movie collections within Sky Cinema which can either be based off an actor or a genre so it’s always easier to find the right movie for you.
  • Constantly being updated.
  • Both have the ability to purchase movies before they come out on DVD to watch there and then and have the DVD sent to you once it releases


Virgin Movies

  •  Has their own broadband, therefore, meaning that they offer an impressive speed of 500Mbps which is perfect for four or five people streaming and downloading across the household.
  • Virgin’s V6 Box comes standard with all of Virgin’s TV packages included so there’s no need to worry bout losing out on channels. What’s best is that you can always buy package add ons such as the movie package.
  • On the downside, Virgin doesn’t allow the option to upgrade your storage space so you are stuck with the 1TB which is about 500 hours of SD content or 100 hours of HD content.
  • If you are with Virgin and are wanting multiple boxes then this will be a little easier for you. If you take out Virgin’s high-end VIP package then you’ll receive an additional box for free for your house.
  • Virgin Movies also has over 1000 movies in its library.
  • Virgin Movies however, charges you on a pay as you go system so you will only pay for what you watch which is fantastic as it will save you a lot on your bill.
  • You are able to access Sky Cinema on the Virgin box.
  • Both have the ability to purchase movies before they come out on DVD to watch there and then and have the DVD sent to you once it releases.

So here we have it, the question we have being trying to answer. Is it Sky Cinema or Virgin Movies? We have seen countless people and sites preferring Virgin Movies for many beneficial reasons. However, my own personal opinion would have to be Sky Cinema as I feel as it looks and feels more professional as well as always being updated. Don’t take my opinion as a final answer though as I believe that it is also up to personal preference depending on what you need.

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