Antman Continuity Error In Avengers: Endgame?

Recently a video emerged on the internet which shows a Marvel fan spotting a continuity error in one of the most popular movies ever, Avengers: Endgame. This mistake has been lying underneath our noses all this time and almost no one has come across it until now.

In movies, especially large scale franchises such as Avengers, there is always loopholes and continuity errors being found by fans all over the internet. It’s hard sometimes to keep track of everything whats happening and every storyline that’s tied in within one another and so this could lead to plotholes and errors being discovered across movies. Still to this day, Marvel fans are discovering new easter eggs, plotholes and coming up with new theories in Endgame and across the entire MCU.

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However, what’s also great to see is that Marvel studio is still releasing new bits of information to us about hidden secrets and easter eggs in their films. As a huge fan of this franchise, this is fantastic to see as it means that it’s still bringing the community together all the time even though the Avengers as we know it ended more than a year ago.

Unfortunately, the original video is unable to be played anymore however this video below shows the same error which we have been explaining.

In the video, we see Antman and The Wasp restart their van in an attempt to bring their Quantum Tunnel back online. Because the ran is unable to be started, Antman begins to hotwire it and exclaims that it could be 10 minutes away. So while all this is happening, the others are taking down Thanos’ army one by one and Black Panther is running across the battlefield with the Infinity Gaulnet to get it back to Scott.

However, what many fans may not pick up on is that whilst this scene Antman in his gigantic form can also be seen in the background fighting off the army. But if we last saw Antman in his van trying to hotwire it with Wasp, then why do we see him in his giant form almost 15 seconds later on the battlefield? If this is possible then that must mean that he is in two places at once which surely cannot be true.

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Many other theories have sparked interest across the fanbase showing their discoveries of plotholes and continuity errors of where other characters have been spotted during the big fight where they should’ve have been somewhere else previously.

One of the co-writers of Endgame, Stephen McFeely, has tweeted about his recently emerged error during the live rewatch of the movie and tweets back; “Sssh.” So could this mean that Marvel knew about this error all along and didn’t want to bring it up perhaps?

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