Top Netflix Originals To Watch Right Now

All of us should have heard of Netflix by now and most of us probably own a subscription but if you don’t you must have been living under a rock. We at Cinema Lounge are aimed ar giving you some of the top movies and TV out there and so for all of you with a Netflix account we have a list with our favourite Netflix originals to past the time during the lockdown.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things | Netflix Official Site

The innocent town of Hawkins doesn’t seem like much can happen in but when the Hawkins National Laboratory start experimenting on the supernatural and the paranormal things start getting out of hand when a portal opens up to a whole new dimension. A series of strange events begin to take place from this alternate dimeson on the town including the appearance of a girl with telepathic abilities. Its no wonder why this sci-fi horror already has the fourth season on its way.



The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House | Netflix Official Site

For all of you horror fans out there we got you covered as well. A modern take on the classic Shirley Jackson novel about a family who grew up in what became one of the most famous and haunted houses in the country. As they grow up, they are once again forced to relive the horrors that lie within that house to finish what they started once and for all. This show delivers its jumpscares perfectly and exactly at the right times which definitely increases his immersion and one of the best horror shows to watch right now. If they will ever be a second season we hope it will be scarier than ever before.



The Irishman

The Nose On Martin Scorsese's 'The Irishman' And Canceling Gauguin ...

This three-hour movie focuses heavily on the 1950’s gang crime including dramatic turns and references to the Mafia. The story about a truck driver who got mixed in with his family’s gang crime. As he works himself up the ranks he begins working with more powerful allies entangled within the criminal underworld. Based on a true story from the book “I Heard You Paint Houses” this film tells the life of Frank Sheerman’s gang life from his mob days as he went on to become one of the gangs top hitmen around.




What/If on Netflix starring Renée Zellweger: EW review | EW.comOn the verge of a breakthrough to save millions of lives, Anne makes her an unexpected offer to help her fund Lisa’s lives work after countless declines from organizations. However, to receive the funding she needs Lisa has to allow Anne to spend the night with Lisa’s husband and can never know what happened. What could possibly go wrong? Can Lisa risk her husband for her lives work or is the love of her life more important at the end of the day.



Sex Education

Sex Education' Season 2 Review: Forbidden Fruit, A Little Less ...

Focussing on the modern-day problems which teenagers face growing up and what its like discovering about sex. This comedy-drama can surely relate to a lot of teenagers in the 21st century and is popular amongst that age range for its reliability. As Otis not being one of the best knowledgeable in the sex area he learns from the best at home where the topic is never put to sleep. After learning a thing or two, he teams up with Maeve and together help set up an underground sex clinic at their very school but brings a lot more than they were expecting.



The Witcher

The Witcher season 2 release date estimate, season 1 recaps, and ...

After an astonishing first season, The Witcher is returning with a second series of the adventures of Geralt. Based on the books and video games, the monster hunter Geralt of Rivera finds his way in the world after negativity towards his kind. Along the way, he encounters more than he hoped for and discovers the true nature of the world and the people it inhabits. The story is based on the book series and delivers excellent combat sequences, hints of comedy and action throughout this is definitely one of the top watches in my opinion and well worth the hour’s length it gives us.

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