Top Disney Films To Watch

With the release of Disney’s new streaming platform, what no better excuse to enjoy some good old Disney classics to keep us entertained. During all this time we have off, we don’t have a reason to say no. Luckily, we have provided some of our favourite Disney films to watch. All titles we have mentioned should be available on the Disney Plus streaming platform.


Watch WALL-E | Disney+

A film which everyone should love. The story about a robot whose sole purpose in life is to clean the Earth which is covered in waste. He then meets EVE, another robot who he falls in love with who is sent out on a scanning mission on Earth and the two set out on an extraordinary journey across the galaxy. This movie, in particular, is something which I have been meaning to watch again as it is one of my personal favourites from Dinsey.



The Lion KingDisney's New 'Lion King' Is the VR-Fueled Future of Cinema | WIRED

The beautiful story about a lion cub, Simba, will one day inherit the animal kingdom which his father Mufasa currently rules. However, after his evil uncle Scar murders Mufasa, Simba is forced to leave the pride and his home in the search of a new safe place to live. After he grows into a young lion he returns in order to reclaim his throne. If you haven’t seen Lion King yet then I don’t know where you’ve been as its probably one of the most popular Disney film of all time.



Toy Story

What is the best Toy Story movie? (Hint: It's Toy Story 2.) - Vox

The Toy Story franchise is the definition of family-friendly films which anyone at any age can enjoy at any time. The movie follows the many adventures of a group of toys which come to life after their owner is gone. Each movie, the gang get into some crazy situations and have even more crazy ways of how to solve them. With each toy having its own personality, there really is something for the whole family here.



Wreck-It Ralph

BBC One - Wreck-It Ralph

The story about a video game character who aims to prove himself to be just as good as anyone else even though his main role is being a villain. This movie along with its sequel can relate to both the modern-day society and the older generation as many classic video game characters and references can be seen throughout including Pac-Man, Sonic The Hedgehog plus many more.


Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is the anti-violence superhero movie you've been ...

A film which surely many Marvel and other superhero fans will enjoy as it is somewhat based on the same superhero comics by Marvel Entertainment. A young robotics enthusiast partners up with Baymax, his late brothers latest invention. Together, along with some of Hiro’s friends, they team up to find out what really happened that night his brother died.





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