Is Disney Plus Worth It?

Disney’s new streaming platform has been out for a few weeks now and has already had a fantastic start to its release. Thousands of great content is already at our fingertips since day one but because it is still a new service is it really worth investing in it at this time?

Disney Plus is Disney’s answer to Netflix as it is very similar in the way it structures its content and of the same type of service it provides. Most of Disney’s productions which they have been apart of over the years can be found on this huge mega library filled with everything a Disney fan could want to watch. You would think that because a major movie studio is releasing a service which is dedicated just for its own films and TV shows that it would cost much more than Netflix, Amazon Instant Video or any other of the major streaming platforms. I certainly would think so.

However, you may be surprised to know that Disney Plus is only £5.99 a month (for Americans this price will be $6.99 monthly) whereas Netflix offers its service for £5.99 as well. You may be thinking why does it matter that it costs the same price. Netflix plans start at £5.99 but if you are wanting to stream on more than one device than you will have to pay more but Disney Plus has a fixed price at £5.99 and you can watch from 4 different devices for that same price. Just like other platforms, they also give you a free trial to test out its features first.

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If you’re currently using one of the major streaming platforms such as Netflix, which I’m guessing most people are, then the features Dinsey Plus comes with won’t be too different at all to what you’re used to. For example, you can still download any TV episode, movie, documentary or one of its short films so that you can watch them offline at any given time and anywhere you desire.

Additionally, the way that the service is structured is also very familiar to Netflix which is a good thing if you look at it as people will be so used to other platforms, the way and look over at Disney won’t be so different to what people are used to.

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What’s so great about the content that’s featured on the service is that it isn’t only the entire Pixar collection but also most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, each and every Star Wars film and even originals from the National Geographic channel. Disney have really out-done themselves this time as you expect to find more than the modern era of film from the studio as Disney productions featured here go way back to Steamboat Willie which was the first appearance of Micky Mouse into the studio. You may also find that they are movies and TV on Disney Plus which you wouldn’t expect to find on the service such as other productions associated with Walt Disney such as Night at the Musem.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without some good old exclusive originals from the service and Disney have also released some fantastic short films and original series for the platform on day one. The original series The Mandalorian, which is set in the Star Wars universe, has already received an outstanding review and I can personally say that it is definitely worth watching.


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