Sonic The Hedgehog – MOVIE REVIEW

Everyone’s favourite hedgehog tries to deal with the complex life on earth after leaving his home planet for his own safety. His only human friend then embarks on a whole new adventure with Sonic to prevent Dr Robotnik from taking away Sonic’s powers for world domination.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

At first, I was hesitant about how a story would work for the Sonic movie. Not saying I didn’t like the sound of a Sonic The Hedgehog movie cause trust me I couldn’t wait for a trailer to release to see the first glimpse of a modern-day Sonic. It’s just with any video game adapted movie, I worry about how they may manage to pull it off. However, this story was fantastic, to say the least. Some people may disagree but I really believe that the story was well thought of because of the amount of classic Sonic references the studio include throughout.

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What did surprise me which wasn’t really focused on so much was that there isn’t any major reference to comedy or many comedic scenes in the movie. For a movie like this based on Sonic, I was quite surprised to see that comedy didn’t play a big part in the overall film experience. What I did really enjoy which isn’t explained much in the Sonic universe is that at the beginning it touched a lot on Sonic’s backstory including where he came from, his homeworld and even who looked after him when he was a child.

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Something I wasn’t expecting at all was what the post-credit scene included and what it hinted for the sequel which appeared most likely after who was introduced next. I won’t reveal who it is but all I will say is that for any die-hard Sonic fans out there, this will definitely get you pumped up for the sequel.

By now most of us will know about the hiccup with the first-ever look of the CGI Sonic and we should all agree that it wasn’t a good start to the movie. Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise as the new rendered Sonic is almost perfect to what we could have wanted and the delay on the movie release means that they had more time to finish up on the finer details. No wonder why the movie made an outstanding box office and even placed higher than Fantasy Island, Bad Boys For Life, Birds of Prey and 1917.

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As I mentioned before, there isn’t really any comedic parts to the movie which the older audience will find hilarious and they could be one reason why I may have found out. As Sonic The Hedgehog is a more family-friendly Saga character the feel and content of the film seem to be more directed towards a younger audience.

What did spark my interest is how Sonic’s lighting effects for when he is running resembles much like The Flash’s speed force from the DC universe. More especially the lighting similar to Grant Gustin’s Flash from the hit TV show The Flash on the CW channel. There are also scenes in which Sonic goes into slow motion resembling some of The Flash’s scenes from the TV show.

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Even though I did say a couple of times about there being little to none comedy. But as always Jim Carry and his role of Dr Robotnik definitely delivered throughout. His character’s personality was based on comedy and had a few memorable scenes in there. I did also feel as if Ben Schwartz’s performance of Sonic mimicked the hedgehog’s personality perfectly as you would expect Sonic to act like on a daily basis. His voice was spot on as well I thought and really brought Sonic to life.


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