The Witcher Season 2 Confirmed!

The popular Netflix original The Witcher is set to return for its second season because of the huge fanbase it has collected from all areas of The Witcher universe. However, all of us are hoping that the producers take into account what went wrong and what went well for the series so that it can be improved. Including its storyline.

The widely popular series The Witcher streaming on Netflix first released 20 December 2019, had an outstanding reaction from fans from all corners of The Witcher universe. Whether you were a fan of the video games or books this show definitely had something you would love and would most likely recognise. From the support of the community and the passionate people behind the scenes at Netflix running The Witcher, the series is back with another season which hopefully makes some improvements to its controversial points brought up last season.

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Firstly, the popularity of the show has grown heavily since its premiere it has been discussed that it has the potential to become as big as Game Of Thrones was and become its successor if you will. In addition to that, The Witcher has also de-throned Disney’s ‘The Mandalorian’. Of course, this kind of attention has caught the eyes of the producers and now that season 2 is officially in production they want to make sure that this season is hugely improved and made to entice the fans for who may have been slightly put off by its small errors.

So hopefully for next season, we can expect more action from our Witcher and that the timeline of the story is somewhat cleaned up for it to make more sense from the very beginning. For these reasons alone, the showrunner has said that they want to take their time with such a big show as this which is probably why we won’t be seeing Geralt again until past 2021. In a way, this could be a good thing as they have a much larger time frame to get everything perfect.

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What we know so far about the next season is that they will include unused parts of the first Witcher Saga novel ‘Blood of Elves’ where we may get to see the training of Freya Allan’s Ciri with Geralt for the first time now that all three character’s lives are coming together. Additionally, they said that they will also use ideas from ‘The Last Wish’ and ‘Sword of Destiny’ which they didn’t have time to during the first season. Even though it seems as if the storyline is still being based of the book series, the production team also want to include parts from the video game world which is why the overall world of The Witcher for next season will take ideas from the video game world as well.

For me, the worrying part is that the timeline is said that it will much be like season 1 with different storylines together and different timelines mixed together. We can only hope that this time it will be much more linear and understandable with no significant time jumps which may confuse a lot of the audience again. However, because of the different timelines, there will also be a whole range of monsters and witchers along the way and even some witcher lore for when we eventually meet more.

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