The Benefits of Wizarding World Gold So Far

Well, it’s now been a few months since the Wizarding World Gold subscription has been out for fans and already we have received quite a few surprises and extras which other normal members wouldn’t normally have. However, the question still lingers whether the subscription is still really worth it.



However, there was a couple of points which I think could have been improved to make it more enjoyable for the entire community. For example, one thing I was disappointed about was that you had to be 18 or over to be able to attend which I thought was leaving out a huge chunk of the community as they weren’t able to take part in this event. Another point which does apply to everyone is that the event took place on a weeknight which I thought may have caused some inconvenience for some people possibly working the next day.






The scan-able keys also appear on more than you may think as when my exclusive Hermoine Funko Pop finally arrived I noticed that on the back there was another key which unlocked a secret Patronus page inside the Wizarding World app. So I do think that they can do more with these can be interested where this can lead to and what kind of magical secrets they can release with it.

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