Impratical Jokers: The Movie – Trailer Analysis

TruTV’s Impractical Jokers starring The Tenderloins have had their hit hidden camera TV show now for years where they like to embarrass each other by telling each other what to say and do out in public and the loser takes a punishment from the other guys choosing. However, Joe, Sal, Q and Murr finally take their shenanigans to the big screen next movie (USA) but what can we really expect from the movie?

Our four favourite jokers return this year with another season as well as hitting the big screen. On February 21 this year, we will see the first-ever Impractical Joker’s movie! What we know so far about the storyline is that it’s going to feature 10 challenges similar to the ones from there hit TV show with a more exciting backstory. 80/90’s reality TV star Paula Adul invites the jokers to her party in Mami, however, they discover that she only sends three tickets. Of course, the jokers decide who should go by the only way they know. By doing 10 hidden camera challenges throughout the movie and the loser would lose out on being invited to the party. As this time, they are adapting to being on the big screen, it obviously has to have a story behind it and we have to ask ourselves will it work or not. Because it is fictionalised, it does also question whether it will be as good as their TV show and will it have the same experience as what we see on their show is not scripted and because parts of the movie are going to be scripted. In my opinion, I think that some of the experience will be lost in the film as it won’t be the guys’ actual lives and instead be from a script.

From what we have seen so far in the trailer, it does look as if we do get to see some reality from their real lives. However, I can assure you that when the guys come to doing the challenges that it will still have the classic Impractical Joker’s feel that we’re used to. But we do have to be aware that some may be scripted because of it being a movie. Of course, our beloved jokers are back such as Joe, Sal, Q and Murr but also a few other famous faces like Paula Adul playing herself and also Casey Jost seems to feature in it as well. As said before, they will be including 10 brand new challenges for us such as the refuse you loose challenge and many new ones soon to come.

One slight problem for the UK side is that this movie seems to only be releasing in US territory so UK fans I wouldn’t expect the release for us to happen for a little while yet.

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