Netflix’s The Witcher – REVIEW

Geralt, a monster hunter, to whom the world he inhabits is known as a Witcher as he tries to find his place as most people prove themselves wicked to his kind. As he adventures through the world, he meets different individuals with their own personalities which leads to unexpected events. The characters we all know and love from The Witcher books and video games will also find their way as well as Geralt.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Meaning that we’re going to be talking about the story first let’s start with the biggest talking point about it so far. Many fans have criticised that The Witcher’s storyline is out of place at times and confusing. Although I do have to agree with them to an extent I do believe that the fantastic cinematography makes up for it which we will talk more in detail about later on. If you are going to watch The Witcher then it is important to understand some of the key concepts in the first episode so that it will become easier to follow along to such as who a witcher is for example. However, as you continue to watch each episode, each storyline starts piecing together and becomes much easier to enjoy. I say storylines because, during each episode, it follows the adventures of each of the main characters on their quest; Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri. What’s also exciting is that because The Witcher universe is so big with all the books and the video games, they’ll most likely be quite a few seasons, to say the least, which is probably why they have already confirmed a season 2.

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Now, as mentioned briefly before I do believe that the amazing cinematography does make up for the storyline issues as you will be more indulged in watching the highly skilled combat scenes (performed by an incredible) cast as well as meeting the vast array of characters there is with their own personalities. The comedic duo between Geralt and Jaskier is just one example of how much there is to experience. You can definitely tell that the creators of The Witcher show have put a lot of thought and passion into creating this show as they have a key eye for detail that a lot of fans will love just as much as we did such as the different factions they have and some of the series’ most unique mutated monsters. As well as that, the locations and setting they have chosen and created are more than perfect for The Witcher and definitely give you the nostalgic feeling of reading the books and playing the games.

Through the amount of passion that has gone into it, it has now become one of my favourite TV show’s as the hard work that has gone into it has paid off. Even though it may still have a few things to work on such as the storyline, I feel that with enough work into the seasons to come it may even become a rival for Game of Thrones. The original music to go with the show has also increased the show’s popularity with the shows song ‘Toss A Coin To Your Witcher’ already becoming a fan favourite with even more to come. It’s saying something about the crew’s dedication when the show’s soundtrack is already catching the attention of fans and other creators who have remixed the song.  You can tell that this show has a great crew as they care about what the fans want and have listened to their concerns and from this, they have announced they will rework the timeline for season 2.

Now, of course, the crew aren’t the only ones who have shown immense dedication and passion for The Witcher. They couldn’t have been a better cast to portray each of their characters and have adapted beautifully. Firstly, from being a gamer himself and playing The Witcher video games they can’t be a better Geralt than Henry Cavil himself as his love for the series as shown through his acting and really put the time and effort into perfecting the character’s personality and attributes as seen in the games. The musical talent of Jaskier (Joey Batey) really shines through his character’s personality and is the sole reason why he is considered the other half of the comedic duo of Geralt and Jaskier.

With all of these reasons in mind, could it potentially influence more video game adaptations to be made meaning as they are successful? Perhaps it could be a rival to the hit TV show Game of Thrones one day.

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