Jumanji: The Next Level – MOVIE REVIEW

Spencer heads back into the world of Jumanji which they swore to never enter back in. Concerned of Spencer’s safety, Martha, Fridge and Bethany enter the game to bring their friend home. However, unknowingly, the game appears to be broken and must now survive the new challenges Jumanji has thrown at them and that surprises await head.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Firstly, I have to say this movie was one of the best movies visually and for the comedic effect, they executed throughout. However, as we always do let’s talk about the storyline first and of course it didn’t disappoint us in any way shape or form. What’s always good to see in sequels in film series is if they have included any character development from the cast and what I love about Jumanji: The Next Level is that it focuses heavily on Spencer’s personal and family life including what his education is like now and what his family is like back at home. Along with this, we also explore some of the family members of Spencer’s family including his grandfather in particular as more of his past is revealed to us about him.

Moving onto the main storyline within Jumanji, it is something we have never seen before in the Jumanji world and defiantly treats us to something new to experience. Fortunately, it doesn’t go too off track and still has the classic Jumanji feel we all know and love and shows us that the movie crew can whip up fresh new ideas every time which we like to see in the movie industry. Something which is good to see from Jumanji: The Next Level, especially for the people who haven’t seen the first film, is that in my own opinion you don’t really need to see the first film to understand what is happening in this edition. You will miss out on key information about on characters and the world of Jumanji but it is possible to understand the story without these details. To make a good storyline intriguing as well, twists are also considered and this film has its fair share of them which work well with the story it’s trying to tell. Including a cliff hanger at the end which is a good sign that they are going to be the third instalment.

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Linking back to the story, this movie also treats us to new unexplored locations with their own unique settings and purpose with their own set of exotic creatures waiting to be discovered and many are used by the characters themselves to aid them on their mission. As well as that they are also numerous new characters involved in the journey who each have their own unique and quirky personalities to look forward too. They even have their own comedic personalities even some of the new villains. With all this in mind, I have to say that the second instalment in Jumanji is a major step up from the first one even though the first was just as fantastic and compelling.

The acting from every single one of the actors was a phenomenal performance and a one of a kind. Especially the comedic duo Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. Kevin Hart’s acting for me, in particular, made the movie that extra special as every part of the film was hilarious which was all down to Kevin Hart for portraying the character Milo Walker. In addition to that, Dwayne Johnson also portrayed Spencer’s grandfather well and with these two characters together makes a perfect match for a cast. With this in mind, it all brings to the reason why I can’t think of another more hilarious film than this one. Because some of the cast we know had to act as two different characters at different stages in the film, I thought that they did extremely well and showed no difference in skill between the two.

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