6 Underground – MOVIE REVIEW

6 different individuals have come together from around the world to form one of the most secretive teams on earth which no one knows about. They aspire to change the world by getting rid of some of the world’s most evil people. However, doing this puts their life at risk but no one will remember from at all as they have all deleted their past and are completely off the grid. For now.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The overall main story focus is about a billionaire known as 1 (Ryan Reynolds) who puts together a team for the greater good as their main goal is to take down one of the evilest dictators and coup his government and freeing the people. For many people, this type of storyline may have already been heard of and may not be considered as original. However, I completely disagree. Yes, it does sound like a generic story but with a totally original take on it which I think has been executed perfectly. From the smallest details, you can tell that everything has been thought about. One particular thing I do like about the story is the set of characters we are introduced to from the very beginning.

Each and every one of them as their own unique personalities and introductions into the movie itself. The fast action-packed start to the movie also emphasizes the storyline more as not much about the characters at all is given to us which is a genius move in my opinion as one of the main plot points is that they are all a secret underground team. However, slowly we start to learn about each member’s introduction to the team including their backgrounds and how they were recruited to the team in the first place.

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There’s loads of content given to us its hard to figure out where to start first. From the hilarious comedy, Ryan Reynolds’ acting or the constant action throughout. If anyone has seen any Ryan Reynolds film before then you know that he has a particular way he acts and has a certain movie style. Action mixed with comedy with a less serious tone to it. The best genre in my opinion. This movie still doesn’t disappoint and he definitely delivers again. In a way, it sort of reminds me of the Deadpool movies as from everything such as the way 6 Underground is shot, to the cast and the action reminds me of the same style that Deadpool has been created in and for me and certainly many of you this is a huge win.

If you know anything about Deadpool, then you probably understand that they are usually some gruesome aspects implemented in it is somewhat similar in 6 Underground although this movie is more realistic so there isn’t any huge gruesome images but small open wound scenes from being shot occasionally and some scenes where blood is used a lot. However, what this film does brilliantly is drawn your attention to the comedy and jokes that are used almost all the time which will undoubtedly make you forget about them scenes if that is something you’re not so comfortable about.

The acting, of course, is second to none with Ryan Reynolds showing off his usually light-hearted comedy action style which has to be the best part about the entire movie. Also, there are also characters along the way who show off their numerous side and fit in perfectly with the current scene. Even the smallest details make a big difference to us as we as an audience appreciate it more and what makes it that more special.


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