Recommended Streaming Platforms

Because Christmas is definitely on its way,m we thought we would share with you our top favourite streaming platforms in case your thinking of purchasing a subscription as a gift this holiday, or if you want a cosy night with an endless supply of movies at your fingertips.


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Now before we move on let’s get the obvious best out of the way first. For just £8.99 a month you’ll get access to a huge movie and TV collection with every genre you can imagine. With the new and popular releases sometimes being added, you get to experience Hollywood blockbusters whenever you feel as Netflix can be accessed from all your everyday devices: smart TV, smartphones, tablets or even from a computer or laptop from Netflix’s website. Another huge feature which I think puts Netflix on the map is within its collection of entertainment they have also made movies and TV shows specially designed for Netflix known as originals and I have to say these are the best originals from any streamer service ever.


Amazon Prime Video

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A cheaper price than Netflix but not by that much at £7.99 monthly. In my opinion, this streaming platform has one of the largest collections of movies and TV available on this list. However, the catch is some of the movies and TV shows aren’t free as well as they may be huge titles which may have just come out or still very popular titles and therefore you have the option of either buying them or renting them for a smaller price. They do though have some titles which are classed as ‘Prime’ meaning that they are completely free to watch and are included in your subscription and to be honest they are some fantastic titles which I highly recommend taking a look at.

AppleTV Plus

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A new upcoming streaming platform from Apple themselves which came out at the same time as the iPhone 11. I believe with enough work and constant updates this platform could be become as well used as Netflix. As well as its own original TV shows coming to the service starring high-class actors such as Jennifer Aniston in The Morning Show and Jason Momoa in See which I’m personally really excited to start watching. As well as that it also displays shows from BBC and ITV and also offers the ability to purchase movies on your Apple devices. I really don’t have any complaints about this service so far as it has all the features you would expect from a great streaming service and has a lower price than Netflix and Amazon Prime Video at only £4.99 monthly.



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NowTV is a streaming service which is mainly used instead of using the standard TV services you are contracted with Sky and Virgin/ it offers a non-contracted service but instead uses passes for movies, sports and more which you can renew each pass each month if you so wish to carry on watching that genre. It is a better way of saving money on your TV bill as you will only end up paying for what you watch.






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