What Makes A Great Horror Movie?

Each horror movie ever made has its own unique storyline, diverse set of characters and also every movie ever made has of course jumpscares. But what actually makes a great horror movie? Some have had an excellent storyline and cast but lack that horror feeling, some have a little of everything but sometimes I swear some are just made to try and scare you throughout. Today we are going to breakdown what makes the perfect horror movie to enjoy at Halloween or at any other time of the year.


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First, let’s get obvious out of the way. Each and every scary film ever made has these in them and are what gives us them the genre of horror and what makes us leaving the cinema terrified. They can come in different films and each movie tailors them to their needs whether it being jumpscares which turn out to be false just to make us on edge all the time or ones which are the real deal and blend in well with the storyline. However, I have seen that in some films they include jump scares which are just there to scare you and don’t really have any correlation with the rest of the movie which I don’t think is the best to include in horror movies as it drives away from the story. So for jumpscares, I believe that it is good to have them scattered about the movie but only if it fits in well and also don’t have jumpscare after jumpscare.


Effective Storyline

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In my opinion, all horror movies ever made have a completely original and creative storyline not matter which one you see. However, sometimes being too original and imaginative can lead the stories being too far fetched at times and be too hard to follow along too. I personally think the best storylines are the ones which are creative and original but however do seem realistic and as if they could actually happen therefore meaning that they aren’t too far fetched such as Countdown, Halloween and Annabelle. But stories like Eli is a little too far fetched and for me sometimes hard to follow. Some may say that the Netflix series Haunting of Hill House can be far fetched at times but I personally don’t think so as it could possibly show the hallucinations of each of the characters of their traumatic past. So, in my personal opinion, I think that it’s ok to have a creative storyline but if it’s going to seem a little far fetched then make sure it fits in with the overall theme of the movie.


Diverse Set of Characters

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Every horror movie has a great villain or some sort of evil force which makes it that much better. Having a diverse set of characters in a horror movie is always a win because they all seem to have a similar structure but each film puts their own twist on them. There is always the one who goes headfirst into the danger, the one whos always is hesitant about what lies ahead and other members of the group who follow along and have their own personalities. This does seem like a great way to implement a great set of characters into any movie not only the horror genre.

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