Top Series/Movies To Binge This Halloween

Spooky season is finally here and with Halloween right around the corner, it’s time we start thinking about the watch to watch on the night to make it memorable and also that extra scary. No fear, we have compiled a list (in no particular order) of the top horror-related movies and TV series to watch on the night.

The Haunting of Hill House – Netflix

Image result for haunting of hill house

A show based on the Shirley Jackson novel about a family who used to live in what is now known as the most haunted house in the country. Night after night, each family member kept experiencing strange happenings and unusual events which would soon lead to their mother’s death and how it has affected them as they grow up. A great show to binge as each episode reveals more about what really happened the night their mother died and what secrets still remain and if they will be uncovered. With a great storyline and structure also brings a hell of a lot of jumpscares that awaits you.



\Image result for countdopwn

A recently released movie about people downloading this new app that tells you how long you have left to live and what appears to be a joke turns out to be more real than they expected. When a woman discovers she only has 3 days left to live according to the app, she embarks on a journey to try and save her life before its too late. A modernised film with an original storyline and also many terrifying scenes to look forward too.


Eli – Netflix

Image result for eli

A horrifying film available on Netflix from the producers of Haunting of Hill House about a boy who seeks treatment for a rare disease in a haunted house and becomes trapped. Because it’s from the makers of Haunting of Hill House, this will definitely deliver its horror theme without a doubt. The same style of jumpscares and horrors can be seen throughout which is nothing to be disappointed about as it means that the horror scenes will be horrifying as they can get.


Harry Potter

Image result for harry potter chamber of sercrets

Want something a little less spooky but something with a theme of Halloween in it? Then how can we not mention the arguably best movie franchise ever to be created, Harry Potter? Full of wizardry and spooky creatures which still has the same Halloweenie feel but of a more relaxed feel with a spectacular story. We should all know the story of the boy who lived but if not then don’t worry we’ve got you covered. A story about a boy who discovers he is a wizard and heads off to Hogwarts to learn magic whilst on the adventure to battle one of the greatest dark wizards who killed both Harry’s parents.


Annabelle Comes Home

Image result for Annabelle Comes Home

The next movie in the series about a demonic doll which causes terror when free. To try and contain its evil, Ed and Lorraine Warren lock it in a secure cabinet in their artefact room. When visitors come round and accidentally release Annabelle from its cabinet it starts causing terror and unleashing nightmares on her victims. A less horrifying movie in the series but don’t get me wrong. It still has the scares which we all know from Annabelle. With horrific creatures unleashed as well as Annabelle herself, things start turning out for the worst.






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