Impractical Jokers: Cranjis McBasketball Tour UK – REVIEW

Our four favourite jokers on TV are back with another live tour in the UK taking place this October. Last night was the Birmingham live showing and I was lucky enough to attend and of course as always. They definitely delivered.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Of course, the Impractical Jokers live shows not only deliver on the actual live show but also on their opening act. The first time I saw them was in Sheffield on their last show and their opening act has got to be one of the best comedians I have seen, Steven Bryne. Yet again, he opened for the four jokers last night at Birmingham and once again he was as great as ever. However, something I have got to mention is even though his comedy routine was fantastic in Sheffield that time about him and interacting with the audience warming them up for the actual main event it was the same exact routine showcased again in the showing I went to. Although in some cases as it is a different audience and tour he does improvise as the routine greatly relies on audience interaction it does make it that much funnier as in some cases it is slightly different from any of the previous shows but still as great as ever. So even though it may have been nice to possibly see a new comedy routine for this tour, it was still as good as watching repeating episodes of Impractical Jokers, spectacular.

As it has been a while since the Jokers last appeared on stage for another UK tour, they have clearly thought through what to include as the show includes plenty of life stories and experiences in which the jokers have gone through since and have included on their shows with videos to show, comedic reenactments of some of the stories and also the Jokers retelling them in a hilarious way which they always do. Like any of their live shows, they have also given us new and exclusive challenges made just for the Cranjis McBasketball tour and are more creative than ever, therefore, meaning it made the 10,000 seat audience all chuckle.

However, the last thing I ever want to do in life is speaking badly about the jokers or any of their productions but one thing that I do want to say is that the show is mostly focussed towards telling what has happened in their lives and behind the scenes, showcasing new and exclusive challenges which they are all famous for and also showing footage which may not normally be allowed to show on TV which in muy opinion means that the show is not directly focussed in stand up comedy but instead using standup comedy in their own way which does make it special and unique in their own way and for some people it may be funny but for others it might not interest them as much as their usual show does.

Overall, I definitely recommend going to see the jokers live on stage if you haven’t already. If your just as a big fan as I am then they is no doubt that you will enjoy this as much as you do watching them on TV. As well as that, if the opening act is once again Steven Bryne then its just as good as going just to watch him in action as well as the jokers.


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