What Can We Expect in Riverdale Season 4?

The fourth season of the popular Netflix original releases Wednesday 9th October for US and on Thursday 10th for the UK. But what can we expect to see in the fourth season this time?

Firstly, lets start of with the last episodes sneak preivew of the cliff hanger it left us for season 4. It showed Archie, Betty and Veronica in te middle of the woods and most likely late at night becuase of the dark setting. They were standing around a fire burning all their clothes they were wearing that night. However, what sparked everyones attention was the fact that Jughead was not with them and they were even burning Jugheads clothes. Including his famous black beanie hat. As well as that they were also discussing that they should never talk about that night again. But what could have possibly happened for that to happen? Does Jughead have an unfortunate fate? Here is what we manged to pick up on from the official release trailer.

Unfortunately, we are going to be given a funeral of the character Fred Andrews during a part of the show as everyone in Riverdale seems to attend and mourn for him. Personally, I think this is a good send off for the character as the legend who played him Luke Perry sadly passed away last March.

Moving on from that, the four are reunited as they were once again with Betty, Jughead, Archie and Veronica enjoying possibly the last summer they may have together. They discuss going camping that summer in the woods which I think could be linked with the final scene shown in last seasons episode. With that in mind, througout the season the four get an insight into college life after they leave Riverdale High. And yes, I think it is now safe to say that with the little footage we have already that Veronica and Archie and back together and are loving it.

Not only them but more old relationships are reignited and become stronger than ever including Betty and Jughead, Veronica and Archie, F. P. Jones and Alice Cooper, Cherly Blossom and Toni and finally we get knowledge that Hermoine Lodge still has feelings for Hiram Lodge from their intimate scene together. Along with that, it appears that Archie’s boxing gym is going to be revamped into a community centre for Riverdale for all ages to learn the sport and a place to feel safe and to get off the streets to make his late father proud which his mother reassures him he will be. Not only do the four get their share of the fun happening around Riverdale but it seems as though the rest of the cast do from a few scenes shown in the trailer before the unusual events start taking place.

Speaking about unusal activites, alot seems to happen to a variety of the cast as Cherly is shown inwhich looks like the Farm’s old headquaters and taking part in what looks like the oujia board trying to contact her dead brother Jason from the very first season along with Toni and her grandmother. But when they reach contact, it is not Jason who is talking to them apparently. Also, the truth about the Lodges are out as it seems as they are trapped inside there own home because of the press outside their front door. Something which is good to see is that we get to see more from the newly revealed character¬† again who claims to be Alice Cooper’s long lost son as he seems to be acting strange because he is still lingering around Riverdale.

A major plot point is that they could be a big shootout or some sort of fight as we are shown Archie and someone else take cover from incoming bullets in a house just narrowly missing them both and also the last scene in the trailer is of Betty and her mother walking somewhere outside reloading a revolver. So in my opinion, they coul be a big fight scene between a huge amount of the cast because of the amount of characters who are invloved.


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