Our Favourite Cinema Snacks

A trip out to the cinema is always a great time out. No matter how many times you’ve gone or what movie you’re going to see this time. Of course, one main feature of your cinema experience is the variety of snacks and treats which are available to you no whichever cinema you visit.  But, never fear we have prepared a list of our top favourite snacks to enjoy during any cinema experience.


Now, how can we get through this list without mentioning the most famous and arguably the best classic cinema snack of all time? The freshly popped kernels whilst watching the new blockbuster release is the best feeling and just makes the experience so much better. Whether you have it sweet, salted or mixed (I prefer salted) every flavour brings the same experience. However, the popcorn we are talking about is specifically cinema popcorn from the snack counter as the popcorn they sell in bags in supermarkets or any other stores does not deliver the same taste and experience as the classic cinema version. Cinema popcorn is warm, fresh and always holds onto its flavour longer than any other brand in our opinion.


Image result for nachos cinema

They are hundreds of nacho and tortilla brands out there such as the famous Doritos but none and I mean none are more perfectly cooked than each cinema own brand. They, in my opinion, are made to perfection. Every warm bite indulges you into a whole new world and the saltiness of each chip just makes them stand out and give them that heavenly feeling. Of course, each cinema also allows you to add a dip of your choice from a variety they have. But no nacho snack is complete and tastes the same without the popular cheese dip. Some people do enjoy the other various dips but we believe that the cheese dip, in particular, goes best with any tortilla dip. Not just at the cinemas.

Hot Dog

Image result for hotdog

Now, this snack may not be available with every cinema but the ones that do sell hot dogs are defiantly the best in the country. Whoever thought of having a hotdog being made available at their cinema snack counter is ingenious. Having a hotdog at the cinemas is the best way to enjoy a night out at the cinemas and you if have ever experienced cinema hotdogs then you know what we mean. Moreover, it is also an excuse to have dinner out for that night as you could have a hotdog as your dinner and as well as that also take in another cinema snack to devour during your movie. In my own opinion, the best hotdogs I have ever tasted are in fact from the cinema and are no other than the ‘Rollover’ hotdogs you can find at the ‘Cineworld’ cinemas.


Image result for chocolate

This is not one of our preferred go-to snacks for watching movies at the cinema but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy it. To be honest, I don’t normally eat chocolate when at the cinemas at all but I do however regularly enjoy this treat when watching movies with family and friends at home. It does depend on which variety of chocolate you have that makes the movie experience more enjoyable. For example, I wouldn’t recommend a large chocolate bar during a movie as firstly it is not treatwise but possibly small packets of chocolates such as Maltesers should be fine. Another reason why I listed chocolate on the list is that even though it may not be our favourite snack option for movies I have recently seen a lot of people eat this as their prefered snack choice.

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