Angel Has Fallen – MOVIE REVIEW

President Allan Trumbull was out of Washington and when a failed assassination attempt on the President goes sideways, his most loyal secret service agent, Mike Banning, is taken into custody and charged as the culprit of the assassination. He must now use all of his skills and inside knowledge to evade capture from the FBI and even the Secret Service to find the real threat towards the President.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Of course like the rest of the Fallen Series movies, this movie also focuses on protecting the President and eliminating all threats to secure President Trumbull from harm’s way once again. However, this movie does it a little different to how we are used to it in the series and moves us away from any iconic locations and shows us more on the life of Agent Banning as he is on the run from government agencies for his suspected involvement in the failed assassination of the President. Overall, I actually enjoyed the movie’s storyline as it has been something different to what we are used to in the series and makes a change from the same old concept sometimes. Not only that but it allows the option to add in more character development along the way which the film definitely takes advantage of as we get to see Mike Banning’s father and some backstory for the first time in which it definitely delivers.

I do have to see which is a huge positive for the storyline and also something that I don’t believe we have seen much off before in the series is that this sequel, in particular, includes a few surprise plot twists which are executed smoothly and fantastically and keep us engaged with what is happening. I know some plot twists in some movies or TV do turn out to not act out as well as they should or could have but ‘Angel Has Fallen’ is an exception for that as these keep the storyline fresh and allow for a new sudden change of events to take place.

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As with any Fallen movie, the type of content is very similar to each other and hardly changes in the type and this one also follows in the same trend. At some points especially towards the middle where shootouts start happening, we see a lot of one on one combat scenes with Mike which in some cases the choreography is highly creative and skilful and are effective as they keep us entertained and will never get boring. Although it is similar to the same usual content we see in the Fallen series such as saving the President, combat scenes and so on the people behind the scenes have really thought this through as they have revamped the style of the movie and made it into something completely brand new and fresh but still following along the same theme as the other movies.

I do feel as if this time, the combat scenes are intense and involve more creativity and skill form Gerald Butler (Mike Banning) this time. Something that is new to see this time is that upon meeting Banning’s father the comedy level increases and ties in perfectly with the film and gives it a new feeling which definitely kept me entertained throughout as Banning’s father jokes and comedy is hilarious but can be argued that at some points they may be more understood by adults. However, the comedy is a huge hit for the movie and unlike anything else, we have seen in the Fallen series.

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Like always, Geral Butler adapts to the new combat scenes for the movie and polishes them off with a great performance. Unlike in the previous movies, the presidential role this time is played by no other than Morgan Freeman (President Trumbull) and from someone who has watched all three movies in the trilogy I definitely think that he is more suited to this role as he also gets more screen time. Throughout the film, each actor puts their heart into their characters and plays them as if they are already that person as each scene is played perfectly to what the movie is trying to achieve.


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