The Joker: Trailer Analysis

October 4th marks the release of the upcoming Joker movie and boy does it look good. The final trailer released yesterday (August 28th) and it gives more detail of the story suggested and of the actual plot of the movie. So we decided to do a trailer analysis to give a few suggestions of what could be happening in the movie and other plot details which we have picked up on throughout.

So as well all should know already, along with evidence in the trailer, this movie’s Joker storyline focus’ on how their Joker became the criminal mastermind we all know today and what made him become the Joker in the first place which shows that it will be focusing on his origins. However, before you get excited something that is worth noting is that the director of the film (Todd Phillips) as stated that the films storyline, character and the Joker will not follow any of the DC Comics stories and not follow any of their work on the Joker who is the archenemy of the Batman meaning that the Joker in the upcoming film will be totally original and show another view on the Joker’s origins on how it could have been. In addition to this, as it will be an original take on the psychopathic criminal mastermind he will also have a new name for the film which will be Arthur Fleck.

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Of course, it will be set in Gotham City, the home of the Joker and the rest of the famous characters in the Batman franchise. Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian who is trying to make it in life starts deteriorating mentally as he is forgotten in society as no one cares who he is anymore. The mental decline also starts speeding up when he is attacked by a gang of thugs who are making fun of his little comedy sketch. Because of his insanity becoming stronger and stronger he starts slowly transforming into the Joker as he begins wearing the clown makeup, different coloured suit and the famous green hair.

The Joker seems to begin as a comedy act which Arthur has created in an attempt to redeem himself and also as a result of his slow mental decline and therefore marks the start of him becoming the psychotic criminal mastermind we all know to this day. Other hints are shown throughout his fast deterioration as he is invited onto a late show and the host begins to mock his comedy routine. Moreover, the line which is spoken by Arthur “All I have are negative thoughts” marks the very start of his mental state declining further and further until he becomes insane.

Some other things that we picked up on are that at one point, you are hinted at the fact that the Joker may have found someone in his life that he seems to have romantic feelings for which could suggest that the film is including their version of Harley Quinn in the movie. However, these are just hints and speculations so don’t quote us on any of these as we are just making suggestions based on what we saw in the trailer.

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