Lion King (2019) – Movie Review

Disney is back again with another remastered classic with Jon Favreau’s remake of the beloved Disney classic ‘The Lion King’ has finally hit the cinemas word wide with an already impressive box office. Say what you want about it not living up to the original but this movie definitely delivers alright. To some viewers, it may be hard to appreciate the modern-day graphics and CGI as some may say it will never live up to the classic animated one but the remastered version makes it easier to connect with on an emotional level.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

As someone who has never seen the original ‘Lion King’ it is hard for me to compare the two together but as first impressions go, this story definitely had my full undivided attention all the way through. It is of course based on the original storyline of Simba and his quest to become king along with all your favourites but with a different look. Yes, the story can be seen as simple and basic but Disney delivers it perfectly with the amount of detail, content and action they have included consistently. However, with it being this kind of story for me it was also very easy to follow throughout which is a strong point with it being a family film as that is their biggest target audience. The wide range of characters ranging in personality also sets the right tone for the story as each character plays their own special part with their unique personality. It’s also exciting to see how each character develops throughout the movie which is more exciting to experience than the original.

As if all this wasn’t enough already, the movie has been remastered using CGI and has forgotten its classic animated look and instead gone with a more in-depth live-action movie look. So if you are also an animal enthusiastic or someone who loves animal documentaries then this film could also make you feel right at home with its immersive shots of the beloved animal kingdom, outstanding scenery and close-ups of the characters and how they develop and thrive. Because of this you also become attached to the characters and what happens to them as it no longer has its animated look but instead a more heartwarming feel because of its realistic imagery. Some may be led to believe that it is another instalment of the nature channel about the safari instead because of its huge amount of detail.

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One thing that the remastered version could lack for some people could be the little to none original content apart from an added Beyoncé song. But is this actually a good thing about it? Of course, no Disney film is ever complete without its signature musicals in each of its films. The 2019 version of ‘Lion King’ comes along with all the famous songs from the original such as Circle of Life, I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, Hakuna Matata and the rest of the famous tunes.

Well, Jon Favreau has really outdone himself with casting the perfect people for the perfect roles. You would have never imagined the likes of Beyoncé, Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Ejiofor along with Jon Favreau as the director would have all been working together on a blockbuster movie especially the remake of ‘Lion King’ but in all honestly it works. Perfectly. The comedy that Seth Rogen gives us as his role as Pumbaa delivers an outstanding result in such an anticipated movie. His comedy along with his duo partner fits perfectly into the film making them an iconic duo in the movie. Their characters sense of humour and jokes throughout brings a light heartened feel to the film. Beyoncé also delivered an astonishing performance with her beautifully newly crafted song ‘Spirit’ adds a new but exciting feel to the remake but may never live up to the original soundtrack. The one thing I loved more than anything about the acting was the fact that the character’s voice and personality fit right into the characters they portrayed and feels like the characters come alive before your very eyes.

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