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The Joker: Trailer Analysis

October 4th marks the release of the upcoming Joker movie and boy does it look good. The final trailer released yesterday (August 28th) and it gives more detail of the story suggested and of the actual plot of the movie. So we decided to do a trailer analysis to give a few suggestions of what could be happening in the movie and other plot details which we have picked up on throughout.

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End of Summer Watch List (2019)

Well, it’s drawing the close of the 2019 summer and nearly time for the new school year, holidays to come to a close and all of us back to work and college. But no worries, there’s still a week or two left of the summer break so here to make the most of your final summer days we have put together a list of some top movies to watch before the summer is over to make the final week a happy one. Some may be old and some may be new but each movie totally draws away from the idea of work and school so you won’t have to be reminded of them at all and instead just sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Good Boys (2019) – Movie Review

Three 12-year-old best friends experience the adult life of sex, drugs and being bad when Max gets invited to his first kissing party and asks his friends for help on how to kiss. As they all don’t know they decide to use Max’s father’s drone to spy on the girls next door to learn but when the girls catch them in the act it starts an unfortunate series of events to try and retrieve the drone before Max’s father returns home.

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New Bond Movie Announced

According to the official twitter account for James Bond, they have officially stated that Daniel Crag will return as James Bond in 2020 in the new Bond which was known as Bond 25 but now has an official title called ‘No Time To Die’. The movie is said to be released on April 3rd in the UK however the US will have to wait for few days until April 8th.

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Spiderman Returns August 29 (Well, sort of)

I think we can all agree that Spiderman: Far From Home was definitely one of our highlights this summer as Sony has said that Far From Home was one of their most grossing movie of all time beating James Bond: Skyfall in the process. In celebration of Labour day on August 29th as well as the successful release of Spiderman Sony has announced that it will re-release in cinemas featuring a brand new 4-minute action scene.

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Angel Has Fallen: The Story So Far

Following the release of ‘Angel Has Fallen’ this Wednesday, which is the third instalment of the ‘Fallen Series’, we thought it would be best to recap what has happened so far in the trilogy so that we are all caught up and understand the story better on Wednesday. Please be aware, reading on will contain spoilers on the first two movies so far in the series so if you would like to watch the movies in order yourself then please stop reading from here. This summary will be quite long but it will be worth it so you are not confused with any of the previous storylines or the characters on Wednesday.

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